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2023111 · Tungsten Copper Carbide is a refractory Tungsten-based composite obtained by the process of pressing, sintering, and infiltrating. The Tungsten content

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The present invention relates to a copper-base no-silver contact material and an application of the copper-base no-silver contact material in a low-voltage electric leakage switch. The copper-base no-silver contact material comprises the following components of 8% to 10% (weight percentage) of copper tungsten and 0.8% to 2% (weight percentage) of graphite,


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Our tungsten copper product range includes copper tungsten rod, foil, sheet, plate, tube, tungsten copper rod, and machined parts. We are capable of producing copper tungsten plates and sheets with a range of thickness


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202242 · General tungsten carbide copper contact material series, is resistant to arcing good conductivity of Cu (copper) is formed by a combination of high hardness, high melting point, vapor pressure, chemical stability, good oxidation resistance material WC (tungsten carbide), and there are well, burning a small, excellent anti-welding


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