c18900 free-cutting brass rod

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- C18900 Alloy

0.322. Specific Gravity. 8.91. Electrical Conductivity % IACS at 68°F. 30. Thermal Conductivity Btu/ sq ft/ ft hr/ °F at 68°F. 75. Specific Heat Capacity Btu/ lb /°F at 68°F. 0.09.

Density lb/cu in. at 68°F: 0.322

Copper Alloy UNS C18900 -

UNS C18900 copper alloys are high copper alloys and are available in the form of wire and rod. They have good corrosion resistance and forgeability. ... Machinability (UNS C36000


Standard Specification for Free-Cutting Brass Rod, Bar and

201556 · 1.1 This specification establishes the requirements for free-cutting brass rod, bar, wire, and shapes of any specified cross section produced from Copper Alloy UNS


Architecture Design Handbook: Copper Alloys - Introduction