c10000 high-precision tin-phosphorus bronze tape

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High Precision Tin Phosphor Bronze Strip-JINTIAN COPPER

Copper alloy with Cu-Sn-P as the main alloying element is called tin-phosphor bronze strip. The tin phosphor bronze tape products produced by our company can be used in CPU


C51000 Bronze | Phosphor Bronze Metal Alloys - Wieland

Details. Phosphor Bronze C51000 (CuSn5) is a tin bronze with the addition of 5% tin and 0.2% phosphorus for deoxidation. The tin increases the strength of the alloy and gives


High Precision Tin Phosphor Bronze Tape - C5191

High Precision Tin Phosphor Bronze Tape - C5191-Jiangxi Kemeige New Materials Co., Ltd. High Precision Tin Phosphor Bronze Tape non-ferrous metals -Excellent cold workability,


What is Phosphor Bronze? - Mead Metals, Inc.

2018416 · Here are the properties and characteristics that make phosphor bronze a sought-after alloy. Properties and Characteristics. Strength and resilience – phosphor


All About Phosphor Bronze - Strength, Properties, and