c15500 elastic element

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UNS C15500 Silver-Bearing Copper ::

2020530 · The properties of C15500 copper include eight common variations. This page shows summary ranges across all of them. For more specific values, follow the

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2021110 · C15500 CuMgAgP Alloy Designation EN DIN CEN/TS 13388 UNS C15500 Chemical Composition (Balance) Weight percentage Cu (incl. Ag) ≥ 99.75 % Mg 0.1 % P

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Light Annealed (O50) C15500 Copper ::

2020530 · O50 C15500 copper is C15500 copper in the O50 (light annealed) temper. It has the lowest strength and highest ductility compared to the other variants of C15500


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