enicr-4 alloy in oceania

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Microstructural evolution and mechanical response of

2023115 · ERNiCr-3 alloy was deposited using gas tungsten wire arc additive manufacturing (GT-WAAM), and the microstructures and mechanical properties were investigated as a function of sampling direction and height. The (Ti, Nb) C precipitates


ERNiCrMo-4 DATA SHEET - Pinnacle Alloys

2016126 · Pinnacle Alloys ERNiCrMo-4 has a nominal composition (wt.-%) of 57 Ni, 16 Cr, 15.5 Mo, 5.5 Fe, and 4 W. Filler metal of this classification is used for welding

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AWS Class ERNiCrMo-4 MIG & TIG Filler Metal & Wire