enicrmo10tx-y alloy togo

Common raw materials

Forging display

CNC processing

202233 · 1) D. D. Zhao, F. Yang, D. Holland-Moritz, M. Kolbe, T. Buslaps, J. Gao *, In situ studies of liquid-liquid phase separation, solidification sequence and dendrite growth


ENiCrMo-1 - Manufacturing and delivering metals.

2023310 · ENiCrMo10Tx-y; ENiCrMo2Tx-y; ENiCrMo3Tx-y; ENiCrMo4Tx-y; ENiCrWMo-1; ENiCu-7; ENiCu-A; ENiCu-B; BNi; BRIGHTRAY alloy; Chronimo;


ENiCrMo10Tx-y - доставка по России

2023310 · Производство и поставка металлов «РедМетСплав»: Сплавы: ENiCrMo10Tx-y +7 343 319-42-40 E-mail: Время работы с 10


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